The PAK File, An Overview

What is this a pak file. Well, to be simple, it is the place where all the graphics and sound files are contained for Quake 2. Wal textures, sound files, sky graphics, enemy skins, crosshairs &c are all "packed into one file.

Perhaps, for ease of access?

If you don't already have a pak file viewer, download Pak Expolorer.

---------------------------Mac users: pakit


Creating a New Pak crosshairs

>> 1. Start by downloading or photoshoping three crosshairs.

>> 2. Open the folder containing three new crosshairs. Rename them... ch1.pcx, ch2.pcx, and ch3.pcx

>> 3. Inside Pak Explorer... choose "new," and then quake pak. (open the file you created)

>> 4. Right click on the folder and rename it "pics."

>> 5. Minimize Pak Expl, highlight the new crosshair files, and right click COPY.

>> 6. Maximize Pak Expl, highlight the pics folder and choose PASTE with right click.

>> 7. Save the file. Rename it to the higher order pak file. I.e. if you only have pak0 rename it.. pak1

e. Rename them to ch1.pcx, ch2.pcx, .



My Pak Files

>> Here they are, as they are at the moment.

Comments on these are welcomed!



Some Crosshairs

Some Links

**The BullsEye
**Planet Quake
**File Source



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